Sunday | April 15th

Host Housing & Hotels

Both Host Housing & Hotels in Visalia

    • Americas Best Value Inn:  Located on the finish line inside of the closed race course.  Let them know you are ther for the Sequoia Cycling Classic when making reservation.   This hotel is a huge supporter of our race and we want to encourage you to stay the night at the finish line.  (559) 636-3171
    • Comfort Suites: Next to convention center.  Just  few blocks from the race. 
    • Lamp Lighter Inn - Call 1-800-662-6692
    • Wyndham4 miles from the race.

Local Volunteers needed to host top cyclists from around California who will be competing in the 2018 MIchelob ULTRA Cycling Classic in Visalia on Sunday, April 15th

We are looking for host homes to house racers, both men and women, who will travel to our area for criterium racing this spring.  Hosting riders in individual homes is a huge factor in recruiting teams.  Invite your neighbors too.  They can help by providing housing so that entire teams can stay in the same geographical area (ideal situation).  Please pass this information on to your friends, family and co-workers.


Host families could provide some of the following:
  • a comfortable sleeping space, bed or air bed
  • the use of a bathroom and shower
  • use of kitchen to prepare meals
  • counter and refrigerator space
  • use of your washer and dryer
  • a secure place for the cyclist(s) to store their bicycle at night
Note: You are NOT expected to provide food or transportation.

Will the riders want to be in my home when I'm not there?
No. They are looking for a place to sleep at night. If you're willing to let them use your home during the day, that would be nice, but it isn't required.

Will I have to feed them?
No. Hosts often invite riders for a meal but it is not expected. They will need the use of the kitchen (they will clean up after themselves). They will need the use of your refrigerator and counter space. Some may ask permission to use your washer and dryer.

Will I have to provide transportation?

Will my home be treated like a hotel?
No. Riders stay in many different homes and they would like to be invited back. They know how to be good guests.

How many nights/days will the riders be needing my home?
The 2017 Budweiser Sequoia Cycling Classic is a single day event on Sunday, April 2nd.  Some riders may need a Saturday night stay, or some may need a Sunday night stay.  It is rare that a rider will need to stay both nights.

Granted, these are nice people. Do they have any other reason to behave well?
You bet. These are all sponsored riders and teams. They are very aware that they are representing those sponsors and teams for the entire time they are in town not just when they are racing. They want those sponsors and teams to hear good things about them. If any issues arise, contact our race director.

Will I have an uncomfortable conversation with the riders when I define the limits of what I'm willing to do?
No. Our host housing coordinator is an advocate for both the riders and hosts. You tell us your limits and we will pass it on to the riders. These riders are very flexible and gracious guests.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a host?
You will be notified when host assignments have been made by email and/or by phone. Your guest(s) will also contact you shortly after the assignments have been distributed.